Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Brings Bright Ragged Out Colors!

Quite a bit has been going on in the world of Rags & Ribbons! I've been on a mission since last Thursday making a huge dog bed (42" x 42")... I can proudly say, I'm finished! It's in UPS' hands now on it's way to it's destination! I think it's officially the hardest item I have ever made! The buyer was such a great person to work with though so it made it worth while!

Spring is here and summer will soon follow so I thought, "what better way to bring in the new season than with a new bright, colorful bag?" Which leads me also to a few things I decided to try and make while I was busy with the machine (not pictured: change purse). Sewing is such an addiction, nothing feels better than coming up with something new on your own.

Love those wristlets! So cute and fun for summer. It will be great on those nights out when I don't feel like dragging my bag around, haha.

I've also tried a hand at making hairbows. To see those, head over to Myspace.com/RagsNRibbons.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Boots with the Fur!

Weight Watchers went GREAT on Tuesday! I lost 4 lbs! I was shocked and happy whenever the lady who weighed me in said it! It's been hard while I'm here at my mom's... especially when she cooks, I love her good cooking! She fixed baked chicken with chicken broth, garlic and mushrooms tonight. She also fixed cabbage and broccoli and it was so yummy!

After we got out of Weight Watchers on Tuesday, we did a little shopping. I didn't want to get a lot because I want to wait 'til I lose weight and can shop for smaller clothes but I had to have some shirts. I wanted some fabric to make myself a new purse but I'm too picky and couldn't find anything I liked.

It snowed and sleeted here today. I can't believe a few days ago it was in the 70's and sun shining as bright as can be and today it was sleeting like crazy. No wonder everyone can't keep from getting sick... I just pray I don't get the flu again, yuck!

We had fun staying in the house taping Lilly in her booties... here she is at home with them on.

That's all though... tomorrow Mom & I are going to check out a primitive store here in Scottsville. Hope everyone out there is having a great week!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Weight Watchers, Purses & Doggy Love!

Well, Rickey left for Florida today for a job :-(! I miss him tons already and so does Lilly. I'm at my mom's in Scottsville, I like coming down here when he's out of town. We took my grandma to the doctor in Bowling Green and did a little running then came back home. I'm wore out. I've been taking Lilly outside to potty rather than having her use her pee pads while we've been here.

Rickey & I took her to the park on Saturday when it was really nice out. She loved it!

I sold a purse over the weekend and sent it out today. I included a cute little "change purse" with it as a free gift, it was actually bigger than a change purse though.

I've also started making dog bows and I made Lilly some pajamas.

Last Tuesday, Rickey & I went to our first Weight Watchers meeting with my mom. Last week was our first week on it. It's been fairly rough but I'm pretty set on sticking with it and losing some weight. I've always been heavier and I would love to lose weight and be healthy. It would be really nice to go shopping and not have to shop in the plus size clothing. We go to our next meeting tomorrow, it's just Mom & I going. Hope I've lost a little!