Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Say NO to Puppy Mills!

I'm patiently sitting here waiting on Rickey to get home from Indiana. My eyes are so heavy they feel like they're touching the floor. Lilly is out, stretched out as much as her small body can stretch and snoring louder than the TV. I slowly drifted off to sleep earlier today with needle, thread and ribbon in my hand during the process of making a bow. Told you I'm beat.

Last night, we watched Puppy Mills: Exposed on The Animal Planet, talk about heart wrenching. People disgust me. What disgusts me even more is the higher authorities who are taking forever to crack down on these mills and, in my eyes, are not putting enough information out. I wish I could save every little pup in the world and give them a lap to sit on and a bed to sleep in at night. Heck, we've already bought 1 king size bed for a small 8 lb Yorkie, what would a few more king size beds hurt?! :)

Please, if you are getting a new family pet for the first time or if you know someone who is... RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH. DON'T buy from pet stores, don't even buy material items from pet stores that sell pups. DON'T buy from the internet, how are you going to know where the pup is really coming from? SEE the living conditions for yourself, if you wouldn't live in it, WALK THE OTHER WAY.

If we would all just join together, we could eventually put an end to all this madness!

Leaving with a little insight of what I've been into the past week - 2 weeks.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ready, Set, Sew

I haven't updated my blog in what seems like ages. I have been super busy with sewing though. I've made quite a few dog beds and purses and had other random orders besides those.

Love the sewing and the orders but love my relaxing time too, ha!

I've re-done my sewing room quite a bit over the last month or so. I still have several things I'm wanting to do to it but haven't had the time. I've been looking for cute sewing sayings so I can decorate some wooden letters and hang on the wall with ribbon. I'm doing it all bright and funky colored, love those colors. When I still lived with my mom, my room was a beautiful hot pink shade and I loved it and never really grew tired of it. One day in the future, I'll have a hot pink room again and it will most likely be my sewing room. So exciting!

MaryAnna over at Whimsy Papers on Etsy made me a new banner and avatar for my shop. She also made me some other goodies that I absolutely adore!

I also got my tax number and information in the mail and am so excited to be an actual business now! :-P Now, I just need to sew, sew, sew for some craft shows! When I start doing those, it will make my life! Can't wait.

Onto new items I've made recently, other items not listed, you can see those in my Etsy shop or on my business Myspace! :-) I accept orders at both too!

Mitzy from Georgia in her Snuggle Bug Sweet & Sassy Bed!

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Of course, a post isn't a post until I include a picture of my babygirl!