Thursday, June 25, 2009

Debbie Downer Took Over My Blog

Things aren't going the way we would like or expected with the house. We're getting the runaround and I hate it more than anything. Why can't people just be honest and upfront? It's not right getting a poor girl's hopes up only to leave her hanging. I'm (im)patiently waiting for a sign, a sign that will show us what we should do - whether we should jump in and do work to this house and just rent it or... just let it go. What happens if we choose wrong?

Sales are still insanely slow... so slow that they aren't even there. A couple months ago I was wondering if I could keep up, calling my grandma to see if she could help if I needed it. Now? I have a pile of bags and a pile of wristlets waiting for their forever home. I'm trying my hardest to keep pushing and keep telling myself that it's just the economy.

It's all alright though, I have faith that everything will work itself out... it always does, right?

Plus, this little angel makes it all alright and makes me just step back and breathe...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Patience, Sewing and Sales!

I have been on pins and needles this past week. I tend to get my hopes up way too high and always get let down. I'm trying my hardest to just hand it all over and just let it go how it's going to go but it's HARD.

I'm still (im)patiently waiting on word back about the house we've been looking at.

There's days like today when I have to listen to my neighbors and I'm just ready to up and move, no matter what.

Besides worrying myself crazy, I have been super busy sewing! Things have been so slow but I reckon if I just keep at it, I'll either have the items for my first craft show one day (I hope!) or I'll never have to buy a new bag ever again.

I've marked several wristlets down in my shop within the past couple of days. I revamped them just a teensy bit and decided to sell out of my previous ones so I can have more room for new ones. Check it out, it's a bit more than 20% off!

Hereare these cuteee pictures of Lilly riding around in my sewing machine trolley just because a post isn't a good post without a picture or two!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hopin' and Prayin' for Tomorrow

Well, I think we have finally found a house! Hopefully!

It's a rent to own and needs quite a bit of work (it blows my mind how disgusting some people can live) but we're tired of this apartment living so we're going for it. I'm incredibly nervous, tomorrow we're meeting with the owner and walking through the house and discussing things with him. I'm hopin' and prayin' that everything works out how we would like it to. It would be a HUGE blessing.

Now this...

This is the damage an 8 lb dog does to a cat toy. You should have seen her little furry butt flying upstairs with this thing in her mouth, she always does this when she knows she's doing something she isn't supposed to.

The past few days I've been sewing up a storm. Working on new, gahgeous bags and wristlets for the summer! I also got the .com for my shop name... exciting for me but everyone else could probably care less, that's alright though! :)

More items are listed in my shop! I've also marked a couple things down.

I ordered a fabric covered button maker and oh my goodness! So much better than using the same 'ole plastic buttons that cost an arm and a leg. I sat upstairs in my sewing room yesterday making fabric buttons, I'm amused easily though.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I just hope we stay clear of these severe storms we've been having all week.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Let's Go to the Farmer's Market!

Why is it so hard to get a house! I'm over living in an apartment where I can hear things I don't want to hear. I'm ready for a house out in the country where it's peaceful and beautiful. I pray!

I'm always trying to find random things on Etsy that I can buy, I love supporting other sellers.

I was tickled pink whenever I ran across PaperFish. I found THE CUTEST little button pin, it didn't take me long to decide that I just HAD to have it for my newest purse I was making myself.

"I made it myself", if that isn't awesome enough in itself to have a pin that says that, it's decked out in polka dots and buttons - right up my alley!

A purse made out of gorgeous fabrics that they should NEVER stop selling and a beautiful handmade pin. Life and eye candy just doesn't get any better than that... at least for me!

Not only does she have gorgeous button pins, she has bunt, felt pins and beautiful huge bright buttons! Check out her shop, I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rag Quilt Wristlet Giveaway Winner!

This giveaway has been so much fun, I've been so excited! It's been 2 long weeks. Absolutely enjoyed reading everyone's response to what makes you the happiest in life, gave me warm fuzzies in my heart.

Now, onto the winner! picked comment number 12 - Digital Misfit! I will be e-mailing you shortly to get your address so your wristlet can be on it's way. Hope you love it. :)

Want one and didn't win? Check out my Etsy shop - RagsandRibbons.