Sunday, February 7, 2010

be positive

I have been feeling down today and negative and I don't like negative. So here is some positive!

Taken from Paige who read about it on Kelly's Korner!

The little things in life that give me warm fuzzies and make me SMILE.

• Lilly kisses
• having all the lights out and a candle burning
• getting mail, I LOVE mail
• when my toenails are painted (I have no idea why but it makes me feel beautiful)
• crispy, clean sheets
• the feeling I get when Rickey pulls in the driveway after being gone working for weeks
• coming home from anywhere and as soon as I open the door Lilly's jumping up and down SMILING
• when my mom comes to visit me
• getting my hair done
• fabric shopping
• putting my cold feet on Rickey at night

This quilt is now in my shop. Love it!

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